Houmous and other Bourgeois decisions

Houmous hasn’t always been in the shops you know!  The average twenty something probably won’t remember that Edam only shrunk itself to Babybels when we lost the ability to use a cheese knife and cut chunks off a big piece.   The most child size cheese available when I was little was Dairylea triangles and the […]

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A Poldark Film Unit Guide to Cornwall Locations. (A quick aide memoir if you’re lost!) 

Something has occurred to me, the film crews are not local! In traversing  Cornish lanes and navigating their way around around our picturesque land they may be having a nightmare of a time manoeuvring their convoy if making the common mistake of using their Sat Navs (GPS’s to my distant readers!). So here’s a quick […]

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To paraphrase another defence recruitment campaign: “I was born in London,….But I was Maiden Cornwall” 

Some of the old campaigners have dispersed back to their homelands but there is a small and dedicated force of resistance fighters that remain in Cornwall who have made the most of days off by catching up with laundry, filling freezers with easy cook dinner options that can be passed off at short notice as […]

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