Poldark Locations in Cornwall – Part Two

More Poldark locations We’ve already given you the lowdown in “Poldark Locations Part One” on how to experience the magic of Poldark with visits to “Nampara”, Charlestown and Penberth Cove. Next let’s talk about the vertigo inducing rugged cliffs of the north coast. Cornwall’s exceptional character is largely illustrated in series’ such as Poldark by spectacular […]

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The Magic of Poldark is back! Series 4 is coming

The BBC announced to great fanfare this week that the magic of Poldark will be back on our screens (in the UK at least) on June 10th. The long anticipated next run of our much loved Cornish period drama even begins with a sequence that many of Aidan’s Maidens will love! As if by magic: Poldark […]

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Houmous and other Bourgeois decisions

Houmous hasn’t always been in the shops you know!  The average twenty something probably won’t remember that Edam only shrunk itself to Babybels when we lost the ability to use a cheese knife and cut chunks off a big piece.   The most child size cheese available when I was little was Dairylea triangles and the […]

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